Renovation starts in the bathroom

A beautiful bathroom to enjoy



A warm, elegant, emotional material.

Microtopping® micro-cement is the perfect solution for those who want a seamless, innovative tactile surface, able to give any environment a unique look.

Create a seamless space in the most relaxing place in your house.


Microtopping® is the ideal solution for those who do not like visible joints as it allows you to create continuous surfaces without visible joints.

Its extraordinary features make it ideal for both horizontal and vertical surfaces, such as plasterboard or masonry walls, bathrooms and shower enclosures.

Match the simplicity of concrete with the warmth of wood.


A relaxing area, characterised by a modern and refined design.

Versatile and flexible, Microtopping® harmonises perfectly with other materials such as wood, ceramic and metal, allowing you to create a custom-made bathroom.

Technical advices

1. Always apply two coats of resin.

2. For the maintenance use Hydro-Defense

Hydro Defense is a solvent based hydrophobic protective layer / sealer. It is a perfect solution for increasing the water repellency of Microtopping® when it is applied in showers, sinks onto countertops and other surfaces.

Download maintenance catalogue


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