A place where you feel at home


The living area is usually dedicated to conviviality and relaxation. With Ideal Work®’s surfaces the space where we spend most of the time at home acquires elegance and a seamless, contemporary ambience.

The beauty of being together

A custom-made space you can decorate according to your own style and imagination.
A beautiful space to enjoy every day.

Cleaning and maintenance of an Ideal Work floor

For cleaning

It is advised to regularly clean the floor (once-twice a week) with Perfetto-CF properly diluted in water.

70 ml of Perfetto-CF + 5 L of lukewarm water

For Maintenance

It is advised to use Ideal-Care, a product that creates a light protective film to keep the surface intact.

1000 ml of Ideal-Care (5 glasses) + 5 L of lukewarm water

Download the Maintenance Manual


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