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Ideal Work’s new webinars

The particular situation we’re going through drove us to conceive an efficient solution to keep our training courses and master classes going, being them one of Ideal Work’s strong points.

As a result, Ideal Work has recently created a number of professional webinars in order to overcome the distance limits and offer everyone the opportunity to keep up with the latest updates or to enter Ideal Work’s world; now there’s even the chance to experience an actual Virtual Tour of the company’s solutions.

Duration: 1,5 hours
Languages: Italian and English
Modules: 3

Register for the webinar

Register for the webinar

Your training is our best investment.

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Synergy, collaboration, listening. These are the values that guide the company in its relationship with its qualified installers. Training is the foundation of such a high quality offer on the market: Ideal Work provides both basic and regular update training courses for its partners along with valid post-course technical assistance and a qualified consultancy service.


The training courses, held both in Italian and English, include theory and practice as well as a 360° support. The participants also get the chance to confront themselves with other professionals of the field.

Forthcoming courses

spatola microtopping


Seamless floors with minimal thickness; innovations and potential.


Materials and techniques: Microtopping, Architop, Lixio, Acid Stain, Rasico, Purometallo

The training course lasts for two days (Thursday and Friday 8.00 – 18.00)

19 – 20 January 2023

23 – 24 February 2023

23 – 24 March 2023

20 – 21 April 2023

18 – 19 May 2023

15 – 16 June 2023


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Innovative techniques for modern refurbishment.


Materials and techniques for: Rasico®, Sassoitalia®, Stenciltop, Stamped concrete

The training course lasts for one day (Friday 8.00 – 18.00)

13 December 2022 – Sold out

Or contact us for on-site training.

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Trust us, training is something we’re good at!
68% of the participants then start to work.

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Our courses are limited in number and exclusively designed for applicators or people who already work in the field of construction.