Date: 2016

Place: Vienna, Austria

Space for Microtopping surfaces

Ideal Work renovated 1,200 square metres (almost 13,000 square feet) of interior flooring in Benetton’s largest Vienna store, located in the pedestrian zone between the Opera House and St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Microtopping provided an aesthetic and functional choice that fits perfectly with the store’s concept of open, uninterrupted space. During the first phase of the store’s life, the flooring was made of tiles. Over time, these developed problems as they cracked, lifted and separated. The client was therefore looking for a solution that matched the aesthetics of the existing interior, but which was also capable of withstanding heavy foot traffic and wear and tear as well as being highly adhesive and of thin bed construction, negating the need to remove the existing surface.

The best solution on the market was Microtopping, the innovative coating from Ideal Work, a European leader in decorative concrete flooring and plaster. It is ideal for renovating old floors without needing to remove them, creating jointless surfaces of 2-4 mm thick (around a tenth of an inch) on top of the existing floor (ceramic in this case). With its striking visual impact and lack of joints, the Microtopping floor embellishes the store’s contemporary space with a textured effect that lends the interior a natural and bright feel, seemingly enlarging the space. All this whilst guaranteeing excellent performance in terms of adhesion and wear resistance.

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