Momà has a cosmopolitan and international spirit. Guests notice the magical atmosphere the minute they enter this luxurious Asolo restaurant and they are often left speechless by its meticulously-designed interior. Momà is a world of contrasts: welcoming yet sophisticated, worldly but familiar at the same time. In the same way, Ideal Work’s finishes for the restaurant’s interior and exterior are dominated by contrasts. Inside, an acid-stain floor makes a wonderfully sophisticated statement and sets the tone for the restaurant and bar areas in terms of style and colour. Outside, in the summer garden, the soft tones and subtle variations of the Nuvolato Architop® surface give the area a light and elegant feel, creating the impression of even greater space. While these may seem like contrasts at first glance, at Momà they coexist in perfect harmony, giving the restaurant a decidedly glamorous ambience.


Date: 2004

Place: Asolo, Italia

Designer: Arch. Giuseppe Lazzarotto

Oplossingen gekozen voorMomà Disco Club

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